What’s Buzz? ‘Buzz’ For A Book Is Vital To Building A Readership: Book Bloggers & Guest Blog Posts

‘Book Bloggers Sell Books!’
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Alan Rinzler, consulting editor, tells us in his blog that ‘buzz’ is “one person telling another, “Hey you have to read this!” It is essential for an author to make a connection with readers and there are many ways that association can begin; social media, websites, You Tube, Book Bloggers…

Book Bloggers Sell Books!
Book Bloggers can assist in building that relationship in several ways: reviewing a book, hosting guest blog posts, posting author interviews or Q & As. Book Bloggers can increase the number of people you can affect by adding their wide range of contacts to those you already posess.
A Book Blogger’s marketing skills and savvy can be invaluable to an author. There are so many ways to build the ‘buzz’ about a new book that you only need an open mind and some creativity. Book Bloggers can be a critical component to that creativity. Whether you’re self-published or have the services of a publishing house complete with a publicist, you are going to want to make sure your book gets all the attention available and book bloggers can be vital to your cause—they can get your book noticed and talked about.
Subject Ideas For Guest Blog Posts
Keep in mind, you’re not only promoting yourself and your book, you’re also working with another professional with special knowledge and experience. When you approach the Book Blogger to help put the spotlight on your book, it’s important to know what you want from them but remember it’s their blog site. They may already have a subject in mind for your guest post but if not be prepared with some ideas of your own.
Have you ever seen a deer caught in the headlights? New authors who have completed an 80,000 word novel can exhibit the same panic when confronted with the prospect of coming up with a subject for a guest blog post. Try these prompts to help out:
·          Talk about writing your book, what was your inspiration, why did you choose that particular setting for the action,
·          Use the opportunity to teach; give advice on writing dialogue or how to use it to show the action of the story,    
·          Give pointers on character development,
·          Write about the latest trends in publishing or your genre, talk about an activity represented in your book (camping, eating out) or the plot theme.
The title of your post will be what attracts readers to the site. Everyone wants to pick up tips and info, ‘5 Ways Dialogue Can Improve Your Story’ as an example. ‘Author Tim Summa Talks About Eva’s Doubloon, Shipwrecks, Diving & A Possible Sequel’ worked well for one of the posts on my site. Choose the most exciting, descriptive, informative topics in your book & incorporate them into the title.
You’ll also want to offer something of value to the Book Blogger. Increase their blog traffic with a backlink to their site from yours, mention their name on your on your social network, promote a giveaway of your book only available to readers of their blog.
You’ll not only be increasing their site’s traffic but you’ll also be giving your book’s ‘buzz’ a boost!
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2 Responses to What’s Buzz? ‘Buzz’ For A Book Is Vital To Building A Readership: Book Bloggers & Guest Blog Posts

  1. Great post Lynnette! Blogging is a great way to get the word out about your book! I often approach other Christian bloggers about guest-posting on their site to mention my book & ministry, as well as featuring authors & their books on mine.

    Good pointers on Blog content and structure for posting. Thanks for sharing.

    Visit my Blog at http://www.Godmissionpossible.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you for stopping by to share!

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