Terrific Book Marketing Tool: Audio Podcasting

Did you realize that with every radio interview you’re promoting not only your book but yourself?

As an author you are the brand; in the publishing world it is often called an author platform. Doing a live interview gives you the chance to talk about both your book and yourself building your brand and your readership. (See my post ‘What’s Buzz?’)

Bear in mind that to be an effective tool any action connected to publishing your book needs promotion. How can you promote the interview?

Most likely the host will do some heavy promotion for his or her show. You and your book will, of course, be a part of that promotion but to make sure you get some up front attention do some promoting of your own. Increase your potential audience by adding your efforts and contacts to the host’s. How?

·        Create a post on your blog,

·        Issue a press release (I like http://prlog.org for free submission & distribution)
·        Create an event on GoodReads and Facebook. Invite all of your friends and followers
·        Trickle information to your Facebook and Twitter followers

Ask your friends and relatives to listen

Don’t stop promoting once the show is over. Make sure to embed a podcast of the episode on your site and remind your readers it’s there to listen to!

·        Ask book’s reviewers to list a backlink to the episode
·        Remind your Facebook & Twitter followers that if they missed the program they can still hear your interview
·        Embed your interview’s podcast on your social network pages

The Key To Successful Marketing Is Promotion!

P. S. Are you overlooking the clout of your author pages on GoodReads & Amazon?
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