I Attended a Webinar on Book Trailers…

It was free so I figured why not? I might pick up a couple of pointers. Making these short videos has been fun and they can be good marketing tools for books, services offered and activity updates. 
Video is not just for the fun times anymore. We can (and do) use it for every aspect of our lives. Photographers have shared that a great visual can draw someone in, grab their attention and relay a message. Humans are visual creatures so use that trait. But remember technology has also served to shorten our attention spans.
If we want to get someone to stay around to read our message at the end of the book trailer or service announcement we need to make it a brief jaunt. One speaker suggested 30-45 seconds; another said 1-1 ½ minutes. No matter how much time it takes to get your message across don’t forget to include your website address, name and book title. Definitely include them in the credits but why not sprinkle them throughout the video too?
Using book trailers and video can reach a wide audience. Post them anywhere you can across the internet: Embed them on your Facebook fan page, don’t neglect your author page on Amazon, of course download them to You Tube, send Tweets out about them and without a doubt, include them on your website or blog page.
One more thing  about book trailers and videos; they’re marvelous (and fun) marketing tools when used in addition to other approaches.
The Key to Successful Marketing is Promotion,

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