Draw Interest To Your Site

MP900309261A better question than website or blog might be ‘what should I include’? You can increase traffic to your website or blog simply by adding (and promoting) interesting content. Consider this your ‘storefront’ and your wares for sale are your writing or book.

Most blog sites today  are built on a website-like platform and offer static pages you can build on. So your domain name is important whether using a website or a blog as your center of operations.

What might constitute interesting content?

  • Publish excerpts from your books or other samples of your writing such as short stories.
  • Do you have a book trailer or product video? Embed it into your site.

If you don’t already have one try your hand at creating one. Check out YouTube.com/create or visit www.animoto.com

  • Do the same with audio files from your interviews.
  • Include links to your reviews and guest posts.
  • Share bios for your characters; include their pictures (Check out Morguefile, WikiMedia Commons or numerous other royalty-free photo sites.)
  • Add a media page that’s convenient for journalists, reviewers and interviewers. Include publicity photos of yourself and your book (perhaps at a book signing, live reading or other literary event), a list of half a dozen or so sample questions and answers and a note explaining how to contact you to receive a review copy of your book.
  • Include a testimonial or endorsement page.

Don’t forget, The Key to Successful Marketing is Promotion: Whatever you share make sure readers know it’s their for their enjoyment!


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