Marketing Tips From Author W. D. Gagliani


W. D. Gagliani generously agreed to an interview on my program Lynnette’s Book World today. Since he’s an author who’s work I have enjoyed, my interview questions were concentrating on what a reader/writer might want to hear about.

My ‘Boost Book Sales Through…’ co author, Emily Hill was listening and via the chat room asked Bill about any marketing tips he might like to share considering his Amazon ranking.

This award-winning author thought for a second and then admitted he doesn’t spend as much time on Twitter and Facebook as maybe he should when it comes to marketing.

What he does concentrate the most on though is blogs…that’s right blogs; not only his own but others as well!

1. W. D. Gagliani is a fantastic blogger on his own blog and posts often

2. Bill often writes guest blog posts to increase his visibility

3.He also suggested that you follow other writer’s blogs to see what they are doing and comment on their posts

4. A sponsorship of his book ‘Savage Nights’ was just recently entered into with KindleNation – there aren’t any results yet.

5. Blog Talk Radio interviews help increase recognition and visibility and let’s you connect with readers

Thank you for sharing with us Bill. You can find more about W. D. Gagliani and his writing at his site



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2 Responses to Marketing Tips From Author W. D. Gagliani

  1. Windwalker says:

    Thanks for the mention, and we are happy to report that Bill Gagliani’s book did very nicely with its Kindle Nation sponsorship, jumping from #66,547 to #2,013 overall in the Kindle Store.
    Steve Windwalker

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