Free tools for marketing your book

MP900387958Marketing your book was probably not what you dreamed of but in this day and age it is up to the author. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot to make your dream come true.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is once again evolving. What remains the same is keyword search. An easy way to increase your visibility in search engine results is by using keywords in your article, blog post and press release titles (don’t ignore these when entering tags on sites like your product page for Amazon or You Tube).

Google gives us an easy-to-use (and free) tool to check which words will show up the most often in searches. When you try Google Keyword Tool, look for words or terms that score between 2,000 to 30,000hits for local monthly searches.

A QR code can be used offline to get people onlinewhere they can easily purchase your book (or get more information on your writing). QR stands for ‘quick response’; it is a simple matrix barcode readable by QR scanners available for mobile phones. Simply visit There a QR code for a text message, URL, telephone number or vCard data will be generated for you to use on all of your marketing material.

I’m often asked about converting files. This has become easier and easier over time but still there are instances when it is evidently felt that a file of one type should never be a file of another type; case in point changing a pdf file to a jpg file. has come to the rescue! Simply download the file you want to change over and choose the format you wish; image, document, music, video, e-book even zip.

For everyone that has published or is going to publish an e-book is a new promotional tool. This free service hit me as an ideal marketing tool right away. Authors sign-up on the Authorgraph site, readers access their book and request an autograph from the author and about 30-45 seconds after the author receives the request it appears on your ebook! Try it out and promote your book’s availability as a made-to-order ebook edition.


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  1. Great article, Lynnette!

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