6 Tools To Locate Book Promotion Venues

This is a brief excerpt from my new book ‘Making Money on eBooks: Smart Promoting’

MC900439347Search Google Blogs to find blogs related to your plot, sub-plot, subject, geographic location; i.e. perhaps you’ve written a non-fiction gardening how‑to book or a supernatural crime thriller, based in the southwest.

When looking for a book blog site for your tour to appear on try Google’s Book Blog Search Engine. Once there type in some search keywords, the more keywords you use the better the results, for example, I tried ‘Christian memoir nonfiction’ for a book called Grambo.

You’ll want to locate and build a relationship with 10-15 bloggers. One way to do this is to comment on the bloggers’ posts. Afterward you can communicate personally; ask for advice, give suggestions. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook and reply to and retweet their posts. Create links to their sites and posts.

Blog Grader will help answer questions you may have about how effective a blog might be that you’re considering to help promote your book. Powered by HubSpot, all you have to do to get the information is enter the blog’s URL.

Radio Guest List will help you find and get in touch with talk show hostsMP900433094 and producers for online and satellite radio, podcasts and TV programs.

Radio-Locator will help you assemble an offline local or regional radio station media list. When I entered my zip code it immediately came back with 74 stations!

‘Boost Book Sales Through Marketing and Promotion’ available at Kindlegraph where you can have it personalized and autographed.

The Key to Successful Marketing Is Promotion


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