Q R Codes As Book Marketing Tools

laphillips52QRCodeShelley Hitz,of Self-Publishing-Coach.com introduced me to Q R Codes and I immediately thought ‘What a great book marketing tool!’

If you’ve seen these odd little squares just about everywhere and wondered about them let me try to clarify some of the mystery.

1. Q R stands for Quick Response; i.e. QR code = Quick Response code

2. Q R codes are two-dimensional codes that can be read by a Smart Phone or mobile phone app

3. A Q R code can contain information to direct someone back an URL, a telephone number or show them some informative text or business contact data

4. You can have a Q R code generated for free at http://goqr.me/

5. Q R codes can be included on flyers, signs, business cards or even people!

People love playing with new technology, so why not try a Q R code out on your next book cover or maybe a t-shirt?

You could use one to tell everyone about where they can buy your book or maybe about the upcoming sequel that’s still a WIP. Get one to wear to your next literary event!

Have some fun and market your book at the same time.



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