Question: Do you recommend paying the $125 for a book review”?

Author Russel Brooks, Pandora’s Succession and Unsavory Delicacies, is the first author to approach me with this question but an Indie novelist/publisher and I had a detailed discussion on the same subject recently. There were no firm decisions but we did voice some definite opinions in our discussion which led me to respond to Russell as follows:

While the book review may have a large circulation I’m torn when it comes to charging for book reviews no matter who does them. What it basically comes down to is a personal decision but the first question I would ask myself is ‘what will I get for that $125’? One of my problems is, how much value does a paid review carry?

As a book reviewer I also wonder how the reputation of my opinions might be seen.

I have noticed that more and more reviewers are asking for payment for their reviews which on the one hand makes sense (for the reviewer) but leaves readers wondering “Did the money involved influence the opinion of the reviewer?”and that leads me to why I’m torn.

How do you feel on this subject? Since there seems to be more than a couple of people wondering it might be helpful to get a few opinions.


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2 Responses to Question: Do you recommend paying the $125 for a book review”?

  1. It would be nice if the reviewer and the reviewee could help each other out without money exchange. Reviewee could recommend reviewer’s blog/website, etc. Authors, for example, often read and review each other’s work and post such reviews on Goodreads or Amazon without charging each other.

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