Dear Authors RE the Value of Video:

There are many myths circulating when it comes to book trailers and video promotion so when I suggest the benefits of circulating video many of my consulting and coaching clients shy away. That’s sad really; book trailers can be fun, effective and affordable.

The section entitled Marketing With Video within my book Making Money on eBooks: Smart Promoting addresses some of the uses video can fill.

I’m not the only believer in video as evidenced by an email I received from Susan Harrow of

“Video is now 52% of the content on the web. Which means if you’re NOT using video to drive traffic to your website, get new clients, grow your list or deepen your brand, you’re missing out.

You know how popular YouTube is. You’ve also heard about people all over the world getting very popular on YouTube themselves. I’m not just talking about musicians and comedians either: anyone from any industry can make a HUGE impact with YouTube and online video.

According to the latest stats, over 45% of the people who search the web for information are using videos as the means to finding the info they need. They’re doing from their phones and mobile devices, they’re paying more attention than ever.”

As far as affordability goes, I made this one using You can make a 30 second video for free but I paid the extra $5 to add time for this trailer:

So If you don’t believe me please believe someone and maybe even rethink your opinion!


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