So You Are A Non-Techie?

The idiom ‘emerging technologies’ has a fear-provoking ring to it for some. There’s always something happening in the world of technology and the publishing industry has some pretty incredible technological tools available but there’s not really anything frightening about them.

Something that almost everyone uses every day, our cell phones, has advanced to the point that they can even control our lights at home when we’re not there by the use of an app. I know that’s not something we all want or need but there is an app that can be helpful to book marketers.

Have you heard about QR codes?

QR stands for ‘quick response’. I had only read the term ‘QR code’ in passing making a mental note to find out more about them. Then I received an email from Shelley Hitz, the Self‑Publishing Coach; she made it all clear to me.

What is a QR code? a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, smartphones or via a mobile phone with a downloadable app.

How Do I Create a QR code? Simple, just visit There a QR code for a text message, URL, telephone number or vCard data will be generated.

How Do I Use A QR Code For My Book Marketing? This is where the beauty of QR code marketing struck me! A QR code can be used offline to get people online where they can easily purchase your book (or get more information on your writing).

(Check out this fun GoAnimate video about where you can use a QR code.)

Search Engine Optimization is once again evolving. What remains the same is keyword search. An easy way to increase your visibility in search engine results is by using keywords in your article, blog post and press release titles (don’t ignore these when entering tags on sites like your product page for Amazon or for you tube).

Google gives us an easy-to-use (and free) tool to check which words will show up the most often in searches. When you try Google Keyword Tool, look for words or terms that score between 2,000 to 30,000hits for local monthly searches.

For everyone that has published or is going to publish a Kindle e-book Kindlegraph* is a new promotional tool.

DocUSign’s Hackathon winner, Evan Jacobs, launched Kindlegraph recently as a way for Kindle authors to personalize their books for readers. This free service hit me as an ideal marketing tool right away. Author’s sign-up on the Kindlegraph site, readers access their book and request an autograph from the author and about 30-45 seconds after the author receives the request it appears on your Kindle! Try it out and promote your book’s availability as a made-to-order Kindle edition.

Inexpensive digital cameras and video cameras allow you to add visual images to your website or blog quickly. Why do you want visual images jazzing up your site? A photographer recently said to me that the right picture can draw someone in—into your website (storefront), into your blog, into your story. Images and videos also give you an interactive and personal connection to your readers.

The benefits of marketing with video are so extreme that the subject deserves it’s own post.


*Since this was originally written Kindlegraph has added several enhancements to it’s service:

Kindlegraph Enhancements Evan Jacobs, the creator of Kindlegraph has just announced further improvements to this marvelous tool. Kindlegraph now supports other reading devices and platforms (e.g. Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7) and also allows readers to send comments to authors when requesting autographs.


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