BillboardWouldn’t it be great to find a hard working promotional tool that keeps going 24/7, is inexpensive and unassuming? Check your pocket, it’s probably already there; just give it a couple of tweaks!

Use business cards as your silent spokesman…a mini-billboard.

You know what they say about first impressions. Your book’s cover is the first impression most people have of your message; your passion. You’ve probably put a lot of time, effort and even money into getting it just right. So, make it work for you now.

Author Business Cards:

  • Use your book cover image as the card’s graphic
  • Include the book’s title and subtitle
  • You, of course, will be the author
  • Your contact information, your phone number and email address will be important additions
  • Don’t forget your website address
  • Add a shortened link to lead readers to the purchase page for your book. Try or

Be liberal sharing these, leave them with everyone you come in contact with. You never know who’ll be interested in your book or might want to give it as a gift.

Bookmarks – Business Cards For Your Book:
(Sometimes referred to by printers as ‘Rack Cards’)

  • Include the same information as on your business card but include a book synopsis.
  • Just like your own business card leave these bookmarks anywhere someone someone interested in your book might visit: book stores, libraries, schools, niche businesses…

The Key to Successful Marketing is Promotion


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