Here’s 3 Tips to Getting More #Views for Your #Video

Are you taking advantage of the benefits video has to offer?

Video offers the opportunity to make a personal connection with your readers, can increase traffic to your site, engages readers once there and can help get you on the first page of search engine results.

And where is the first place you want to share your video? You Tube!

You Tube has become a networking site and search engine in its own right, is owned by Google who offers multi-media search results and benefits from fast search engine indexing.

If you’re still wondering why you should upload your video to You Tube, statistics show the site receives over 3 billion views per day. That is not only a 50% increase from last year but its nearest competition is left in the dust!

  1. After you upload your video to You Tube, go to ‘Post Bulletin’ at the top of your channel page and announce you newest feature to your subscribers and friends. Ask for comments, and clicks for the ‘Like’ and Google+ icons.
  2. Ask your friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook or other social media networks to view your video and click the Google + and the ‘thumbs up’ icons.
  3. Leave comments on other videos; your You Tube channel address will show up automatically leading the curious back to your page.

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