Marketing Co-ops Boost Book Sales

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Certain reasons for networking with other authors are obvious. There’s the moral support on the bad days, the cross-editing advantages, using each other as sounding boards for ideas and the sharing of information about publishing and writing jobs.

Other authors can also help with book sales. Co-ops are an idea long employed by other businesses and industries but authors are now benefitting from the concept.  They partner offline as well as on. Besides providing support and quality control to each other they also share in the promotion of their books.

A co-op website is usually set up, often in addition to each authors’ own site, where they can print and promote individually written short stories, essays and sample chapters of their books and also pool other skills and resources.

Imagine not only having someone at hand to provide a guest blog post setting but who will also welcome you when you plan a virtual book tour.

What is perhaps the biggest benefit of an author co-op is the cross promotion of each others books. 

Other times you can pool resources:

  • Book Signings – Having several authors available to sign their books as well as sell other co-op author’s books could be helpful in finding locations for these events. Book signings can be held at places other than bookstores, just think creatively. What genre specific affairs are taking place, could the co-op sponsor a Kindle book signing for purchases of author member books made through, what literary events are scheduled?
  • Business Cards, Book Marks, Sell Sheets – Placement of the name and URL for the co-op site on everyone’s promotional materials would help promote all author members.
  • Contacting Indie Book Stores –  It might be possible to negotiate a non-refundable non-returnable agreement on book purchases from several author sources. Hint: Suggest a purchase discount. [ indie bookstore finder]
  • Creation of Book Lists – A list of all member books along with a synopsis of the book could be promoted via social networks, on member sites, the co-op site and shared with libraries, Indie book stores, at literary events and with book distributors. 

Do you have any other ideas to share with fellow authors?

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