10 Reasons To Take Advantage of A Virtual Book Tour

There are many reasons to organize and take advantage of a virtual blog tour. Here’re only 10 of those reasons:

You save on travel costs – no rental cars, no gas stations, no airplanes, no eating out; get the picture?

You can reach a wider audience (the size of the audience reached depends on promotion of each ‘appearance’)

There’s less stress involved – no rushing for appointments, no traffic to fight, no waiting for someone to show up at your table

You’re easier to find – but only if you don’t neglect promotion of your tour schedule

You develop media and blogger contacts; keep these relationships alive for the future. Marketing is dependent on relationships

You’ll create traffic to your site by posting links to your content

You’ll expand your credibility by establishing permalinks to sites exhibiting your content

You can create lasting content; these posts, interviews, etc. won’t be going away

You can share online content more easily; create a media page on your site listing all of your interviews, reviews, sponsored giveaways, testimonials and other ‘appearances’ scheduled during your tour.

You can target your audience by targeting venues suitable to the subject of your book




Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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