Market Your Book Using Business Cards and Book Marks

Don’t forget to keep promoting your book when you turn the computer off. Here’s two methods to try to help you boost book sales and increase readership.

Business Cards –You’ll want a new card for each book, possibly each promotion, with the book’s cover image gracing the card along with the book’s title, your name as author, the purchase URL (Amazon Vanity URL) and your contact information. There are many options for printing inexpensive business cards.

Make use of the back of the card too for special offers or discounts.

Author, David A. Koop, shared a tip for building his readership and boosting book sales at the same time by using the back side of his business cards.

Part of the information on the back of the first…cards, those issued prior to publication, offered readers a chance to pre-purchase an autographed copy of my book at a discount. Yes, I did receive early orders with payment.”

Book Marks – A book mark is like your book having its own business card. Include a picture of the cover of your book, the ISBN, the publisher’s name and where the book can be purchased on the front of the bookmark along with a review quote or testimonial.

A concise book synopsis and a brief excerpt from the book along with the book’s website URL can appear on the back.

Book marks are great for distributing at speaking engagements and literary events; leave them at book clubs, writer’s groups, schools or anywhere readers might gather. Anywhere your book graces the store or library shelves is also a good place to leave these ‘calling cards’.

The Key to Success is Promotion

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2 Responses to Market Your Book Using Business Cards and Book Marks

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I have a speaking engagement coming up soon, so I think I will use the bookmarks.

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