Not Just For Media Kits

Janet Bigham Bernstel, co-author ofThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Money in the New Millennium, shared this great tip. Don’t just think of a ‘sell sheet’ as something to include in your media kit or to leave with Indy bookstores [and don’t forget about bookmarks either]. Make sure readers get them too!

“I signed up for a book-signing table at the Dallas Writers Roundtable Conference (found it on your site). But at the last minute the publisher said the book wouldn’t be ready! The conference manager suggested I ask for a sell sheet, and by golly, the publisher was happy to do it. It’s a colorful sheet with a photo of the book cover, a bulleted synopsis of the book’s contents and a brief bio. So now I at least had something to give people interested in the book and I didn’t have to cancel the table. It also gave me the idea to print up some bookmarks using the book cover graphic (I’m pretty proficient at PageMaker and did it myself). Now if someone wants an autograph, I can sign the bookmark.”

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