Magnify Your Exposure: If You’re Not A Speaker Become One

Writing a book means that you’re now seen as an expert in the field.

Tip: You’re the brand, your book is the product — combine them in the promotion!

For example, if you’ve written a book concerning how to conduct a phase of someone’s business more effectively, schedule an appearance at the regular Chamber of Commerce or other business group meeting and select a section of your book to talk in detail about. Be sure to take a few copies of the book along to exhibit. Make a pitch for the book and talk about how to make a purchase.

Be sure to take plenty of bookmarks, your book’s ‘calling card’ and your business cards turned networking cards along to share.

You might want to offer a discount for a personalized edition if ordered through you that day. When you get back to your computer order copies through Amazon, when they arrive, sign and deliver them. Check with your accountant about deducting the discount amount as a business loss.

Writing genre fiction gives you a different audience but just as many opportunities. First, ID your readers. Build you audience by connecting  with their interests.

Think of out-of-the box locations where you can speak — there are groups out there hungry to hear your words. Plan your own literary event in celebration of a little-known (but important) holiday. Don’t forget about subject specific libraries and what about museums [there’s all kinds, you know]!

For instance, if you write romance novels think flowers, chocolate or jewelry. For KidLit there are not only school appearances but toy stores, ice cream socials and book fairs.

Don’t ignore press releases, PSAs, social media, email and word-of-mouth to help get the word out. Think about videotaping or making an audio recording of the presentation to use online. Be sure to take pictures for the media & your website. Include these attention grabbers in the fun at your next event.



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7 Responses to Magnify Your Exposure: If You’re Not A Speaker Become One

  1. Janet Stobie says:

    Yes, Lynnette, speaking is a very effective way of marketing books. The only difficulty is getting the speaking engagements. Do you have advice on how that is accomplished?

    • laphillips52 says:

      I’ve used the same methods for this very effectively for so long that with your question I now realize that I need some updated information to share on this subject. I’m off to research the answer right now and I’ll share my findings ASAP!

    • laphillips52 says:

      I took your question seriously Janet and did a little research to bring my skills up to date. Here’re a few tips that I hope help.

      If you haven’t already done so define your niche, who would be interested in hearing your message; then when you have one or two presentation or talk titles prepared (not necessarily the entire speech) try…
      > A Google search using terms like ‘Inspirational Speaker Associations’
      > Check out speaker directories – meeting planners often go here when setting up an event. Two such directories you might want to check out are or
      > Read the community section of your daily newspaper: Try this Every Day, so that you don’t miss out on opportunities that happen only every couple of weeks or once a month
      > Ask for referrals from the podium; maybe there’s someone in the audience who would like to share your message with another group. Also, ask the program director who negotiated your appearance for referrals.
      > Maybe most importantly do the follow-up with any contacts you might make [but DON’T use email, it’s too easy to ignore especially for someone with a busy schedule]
      > Be liberal with your business turned networking card!

      I hope you find a helpful suggestion here, Janet. Good Luck

  2. Josh says:


    I’ve joined Toastmasters for just that reason and have managed to get several speaking engagements (and my book has not even published yet)
    You are right on with your article!

  3. Thank you that is a great idea. I am trying.

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