Self Promotion Isn’t Really That Complicated: 3 Tips To Get You Started

I’m hearing from quite a few of my readers that they’re stuck when it comes to self promotion. Self promotion, like book sales, is simply exposure, visibility and networking.

  1. FightBackTake Advantage of Social Media – The key here is consistency and frequency.  Some say social media is a huge waste of time but not only is the price right there are time-saving tools and techniques you can use to tame the beast. See my guide “Fight Back! Don’t Let Twitter and Facebook Take over (Your Life)”
  2. You’ve already paid the price for your printed promotional items; now use them! Think of bookmarks as ‘business cards’ for your book. They should show an image of your book’s cover, the author’s name, title,  publisher’s name, ISBN, a book synopsis, ‘testimonial(s)’ and purchase and order information. Take advantage of both sides and share them everywhere you go; leave some at the library, retail outlets (where your book is on the shelf), points of purchase, at book signings…
  3. Your website and blog are your promotional center. Drive traffic back to these sites using a distinctive domain name/URL in all of your publicity, posts and emails. To get more exposure and visibility try Kindle Publishing for Blogs

This is only a beginning point. Think out-of-the-box; others have created proven models – build on their ideas!

*Tip: You are the brand, your book is the product. Put the brand first but combine the two!

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2 Responses to Self Promotion Isn’t Really That Complicated: 3 Tips To Get You Started

  1. You make some excellent points there! There’s no shame in a little self-promotion. All successful businesses do it to some extent and if you don’t, you’re only putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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