Quick Tip: Affordable Outsourcing

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TeamYou’re slammed, you don’t have time to market your book, hiring an illustrator is out-of-the-question, you don’t have graphic design experience, Twitter eats up your morning before you know it…

Feeling overwhelmed? You don’t have to create your book or even market it all alone. Form a business team with you as team leader. You may not want or need full-time assistance but there are definitely times someone else might be able to help ease the load.

Hand over a task; hire a freelancer or better yet check out fiverr.com

Ever wonder why everything is so expensive? It may surprise you then to find out what someone might be willing to do for just $5.

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2 Responses to Quick Tip: Affordable Outsourcing

  1. Susan Winlaw says:

    Thanks for another great tip Lynnette.
    I’ve had several great experiences with fiverr. I’d encourage others to check it out too. Read the reviews of the people to see how they are respected and read what their requirements are. S>

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