Promote Your Book Everyday: 10 Painless Quick Ideas

If you think of promoting and marketing your book as an unpleasant task and a huge time guzzler try taking a new stance. Make it a habit to take 30 minutes or so to do something for your book everyday.

1. Assemble a media kit—Pull together a synopsis of your book with a picture of the cover, the ISBN and purchase information and testimonial or book review quote (also thought of as a sell sheet); a sample Q&A and your bio, including your picture and an author’s statement describing why you love writing, what you’ve written, your inspiration; any promotional materials you’ve had printed [networking cards, bookmarks, postcards] and assemble it into a two pocket folder.

Don’t forget to drop this in the mail to a blogger, journalist, reporter or retailer AND follow-up on another day’s promotion time block. Look into their interest in doing an interview or article.

2. Add a blog post to your site; think of this as just another writing assignment to be shared with your fans and followers. Blog posts don’t have any requirements, so don’t worry about length or put other obstacles in your way.

3. Share an excerpt of your book on your own site or shoot this off to a friend to be used as a guestblog post.

4. Drop a couple of promotional postcards in the mail so you can stay in touch with journalists, retailers or librarians who have shown interest in your book—or even if they haven’t yet. These can also open doors.

5. Mail a thank you card to the host of your last book signing or book reading.

6. Don’t let social media eat up your morning. Spend 15 minutes (no more) just to see what’s happening today.

  • Log in to Twitter and check your ‘Mentions’ for any chatter; perhaps search a couple of #hashtags# to keep up on the chatter for subjects of interest.
  • Scan Google Alerts for any important or interesting articles.
  • Do a filtered search on LinkedIn and flag any industry or genre (of your choice) related posts or articles for attention later.
  • Log in to Facebook and scan your wall and comments.

7. Set up some prescheduled social media posts using or

8. Take advantage of some free publicity to promote your next appearance or event. Deliver a Personal Service Announcement (PSA), a shorter version of a press release, to community news departments at the local radio, TV station or newspaper for inclusion in their community calendar announcements.

9. Schedule a literary event within the community. Speak at the Kiwanis club or do a reading at the coffee shop or library; just don’t forget the press release or PSA promoting your appearance.

10. Update your Amazon and Goodreads author pages. These two sites offer some solid promotional tools. Make sure the RSS feeds connecting your blog and Twitter to your page are functioning. Does your product page need spiffing up? Read your product (book) description outloud; does it sound enticing, interesting, compelling? Check out your tags—the words customers associate with your book—are you using all you can so your book can be easily found during searches?

Make promoting your book a habit—“ask yourself what have I done for my book today?” You may even find that by setting aside a manageable block of time each day you can make several phone calls or mail a number of thank you cards or media kits to promote your book.

The Key To Success 
Is Promotion!

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2 Responses to Promote Your Book Everyday: 10 Painless Quick Ideas

  1. Una Tiers says:

    Great ideas, thank you Lynette. I’;ve heard the term sell sheet, but didn’t know what it meant, until now. LOL
    Una Tiers

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