Impressive Twitter Tool

When I first joined Twitter I grew my following at an impressive rate and found a lot of contacts. Lately though there seems to me to be fewer people on Twitter.  I began to wonder if Twitter was still doing me any good.

I wasn’t willing to give up using Twitter, though–it had been good to me; better than Facebook, better than Linked In.
Then I read about this tool called TweetReach. I wondered if a free search would help me learn anything. I gave it a try. You can see the results.
Try a FREE search yourself!

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2 Responses to Impressive Twitter Tool

  1. Emily Hill says:

    Lynnette, Months ago you graciously pointed TweetReach out to me – Now I use it daily! You are SUCH a Smart Cookie! Not only does TweetReach give me my ‘influence’ numbers, butI gives me a daily list of Tweeps to thank for my success – “Be SWEET, reTWEET!” is my motto. My TweetReach can fluctuate from 100K so don’t you think I would WANT a tool that can tell me who my BEST-est friends are…

    So happy with being one of YOUR lucky clients! Emily

    • laphillips52 says:


      How wonderful to have you share with my readers – And such fantastic results! I love your motto…it encompasses the 80/20 rule in such a friendly and memorable way ♥


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