Poll Question: Do you see a difference between a self-published author and an Indie author?

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7 Responses to Poll Question: Do you see a difference between a self-published author and an Indie author?

  1. Susan Winlaw says:

    I’d love to know if there is a definition for each of those in the publishing industry and especially what the Librarians use.

  2. Amber Polo says:

    As a librarian I’d define an indie press as one who publishes the work of authors other than the press owners and does not charge the author and pays royalties to the authors. Then you have to look at the quality of the services of the publisher and their respect in the industry.

  3. Susan Winlaw says:

    Thanks Amber. I want to learn more as we want to be one of those Indie Publishers one day. Right now we are only publishing our own works until we have sufficient resources to publish other author’s pieces. Might you be able to give me a few examples of Indie Publishers ? I am looking at the financial benefit for both the author and for the publisher in this model.
    Thanks in advance. S>

  4. Veda says:

    I categorize Kindle/Nook publishing as indie publishing. The writer doesn’t put any money into the project, just some time uploading the book. Indie publishers in paper form are those who don’t pay authors an advance, just royalties, and usually it’s a print on demand situation with prices for the books that are too high and way out of line with the established publishing industry. These are also not well distributed, so it’s up to the author to do all publicity and carry a box of books in the trunk of the car. And one more thing–I don’t believe indie books are edited, but I could be wrong on this. Self-published are not edited, and most reflect that. We all need editors, who some say are really human.

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