3 Quick Tips About eBook Formatting

400px-IFA_2010_Internationale_Funkausstellung_Berlin_65If you aren’t taking advantage of the eBook market yet  it’s time to reassess you stand. Not only is it an amazing time to be an author, ePublishing creates a wonderful avenue for sharing your message, story or expertise.

  1. There are so many eBook aggregators available out there it could make your head spin. Each has its own rules and formatting platform so my first tip is to read the guidelines before starting a download of your manuscript.  This will save time and stress on your part.
  2. You will want to create your manuscript in a Word document. Use a .doc format and not .docx. If you decide to offer a PDF version of your eBook also it is easy to convert within the Word program.
  3. Polish your manuscript. If you do not feel comfortable downloading your eBook to Amazon or another aggregator and decide to hire someone to handle this task for you, remember their fee does not include editing.
    As a voracious reader and professional reviewer I can tell the difference right away between an author who respects his craft and appreciates the importance of maintaining the integrity of his writing and one who doesn’t.
    Letting typos, errors in grammar and punctuation not to mention clarity and continuity get into print [or on the screen] comes across as not caring about your readers or your product.
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6 Responses to 3 Quick Tips About eBook Formatting

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Editing and correcting your manuscript does take a good bit of time, but it is well worth it in the end to have a book you can be proud of.

    • laphillips52 says:

      Thanks for stopping by Deborah ;D

      You’re right, but it seems that too many people think of eBooks & ePublishing as a way to streamline tasks and cut corners but not necessarily produce an actual work to take pride in.

  2. Susan Winlaw says:

    Yes it certainly is a maze out there and it is hard to figure out which aggregator to go with. My complication is that I’m Canadian and it adds extra forms and at least 4 weeks to the time it would take to get your first cheque (I’m still old fashioned with my spelling).

    Even though I could publish on Amazon Kindle myself, I’ve chosen to go with Smashwords for our first 2 eBooks. I’m reading through the huge style document and trying to understand each of the instructions (that were created for PC – while I use Mac) and make sure I’ve done that to our document before shipping it to them. Once we’ve got more experience, then I’ll try one on my own.

    The bonus with the aggregators is that they distribute to so many more places for the eBooks than I even know about. Setting up accounts in hundreds of locations does not appeal to me at this point. For sure reading each piece of the style recommendations is a crucial element.

    Thanks for the tips Lynnette. Hugs…S>

    • laphillips52 says:

      Great choice Susan! While Amazon now also handles distribution to Apple platforms, Smashwords is the one to go with for library distribution also.

      • Susan Winlaw says:

        I saw that and was thrilled as our books are perfect reference texts.
        I am not familiar with your statement that Amazon handles distribution to Apple. I know for an Apple author account I have to have a US Tax ID (which will come eventually with the Smashwords setup – that is one of the wrinkles). But I saw nothing like that for Amazon. I just needed a US bank account. Hmmmmmm Lots of thinking in this ever changing environment.

        I’d love to hear what other totally self published / Indie Authors are using and their experiences. S>

      • laphillips52 says:

        Have you checked into the FB group SelfPubEbooks? Someone there may have some helful info.

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