Don’t Forget Foreign Book Markets!


Are you taking advantage of the global market the 21st century has opened up to you?

The Internet and social media combine to make a perfect marketing tool to countries like the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany. And what about Australia, New Zealand and Africa?

Author and publisher Emily Hill has become a Kindle best-seller on two continents by noting the time difference and using the Twitter hashtag #UK. Simple? Yes, but she opened my eyes.

The time difference between the west coast of the United States and England is only 8 hours. If you live in California, for example, schedule your tweet – via Hoot or – to be sent after midnight and include the hashtag #UK.

Another client, Judith Works, author of Coins In The Fountain, has a new reader in the hill country of Italy.

What are you waiting for? Convert your time, add a hashtag and become a bestseller overseas!


Post Amendment: One thing I should have included in the post: If your sales site has another URL for overseas sales don’t forget to use it. Example, Amazon has separate sites for the US, UK, Germany & so on…If you want to push your book to British readers be sure you Tweet the address for your sales page!

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