Free Webinar: Pinpointing Your Target Market from Joan Stewart

Targeting your publicity and marketing audience is important to all authors and writers. The more focused your endeavors are the more effective they can be!

This webinar promises to be a real informational gold mine and I can listen while I eat lunch…I’m on the west coast!

Your target market includes more than just people who are in a position to buy your products and services.

It also includes:

–Journalists who can cover your story.

–People on the social media sites who can share your great content with their target markets that are similar to yours.

–Bloggers, podcasters, article writers, authors and speakers who can feature your tips in content they’re creating for their own audiences.

–Anyone who has a problem that you can help them solve.

That’s a big bunch of people. And trying to find them all online can be daunting.

You’re invited to a free 90-minute webinar I’m hosting from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, April 12, on “The 3-Part Formula for Finding & Capturing Your Target Market in a Publicity Campaign.”

You’ll come away with tips that will spare you hours of wasted time writing press releases and pitches that go nowhere, and precious hours communicating with the wrong people on social media sites.

Read more about what you’ll learn and register.

Come with questions. I’ll answer them all. If we don’t have time for yours, I’ll send you a personal reply by email.

More than 200 Publicity Hounds have already registered for the call.

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