10 Tips For More Effective Tweets

Whether using Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform the benefits for boosting your book sales are many:

  • Social Media allows you to build connections with millions, even billions, of potential readers,

  • Social Media can grow both professional and personal networks,

  • Social Media gives you a global audience for your book at your fingertips,

  • Social Media is both profitable and priced right,

  • Social Media helps build your online identity.

The most imperative social media marketing tip to remember is that the key to success [and expanding your following] is building relationships. With that in mind, please read on.

  1. Always include an URL link in your message; after all, you must be talking about something, right? At least include the URL for your website or blog,
  2. Follow the 80/20 rule – don’t be seen as self-absorbed; mention or retweet other tweeps’ blog posts, books or tweets. This will not only spread the ‘reach’ – which can be measured using TweetReach.com – of your followers but they will be more inclined to return the favor,
  3. Use #hashtags# to target the audience you want to reach. E.g., #UK, #bookmarketing, #journalist. When in doubt about the most effective hashtag term check out TweetChat.com,
  4. Your followers deserve fresh content. Link your blog’s post feed to deliver posts automatically using a site such as TwitterFeed.com. [This also works for Facebook content.],
  5. Social media can eat up your morning before you know it. Preschedule your tweets to keep up a consistent presence using HootSuite.com or SocialOomph.com . This way you can keep up your presence even when you don’t have time to be online. [This too is also effective for other social media platforms.],
  6. Set up Google alerts to have pertinent and interesting articles, news or blog posts delivered to your email box daily. You’ll never be left without something of interest to share,
  7. Set goals – ReTweet, comment or start a discussion with a follower. To form a habit of this decide to connect with someone at least X number of times a day or week,
  8. Always acknowledge a new follower, say ‘Hello’ and ‘Welcome’. You can do this and add a personal touch at the same time which is much appreciated. Perhaps you can offer them a free download or direct them to something of interest (on your site of course),
  9. Say thank you when you are either mentioned in a post or retweeted…remember the advice about returning favors?
  10. While taking advantage of your 20% of the tweets (Remember the 80/20 rule?) be sure to announce free offers, giveaways, contests or discounts for your book. This is a great way to drive traffic and, after all, you do want to take advantage of a super marketing tool when it presents itself!
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