10 Extremely Effective Ways to Increase Your Sales

The following are 10 simple yet very powerful ways to increase your relationships, sales and connections significantly:

1. Send a “thank you” card or email. Follow-up with them regularly – the goal is to begin building a relationship with your clients and readers so you need to keep in constant contact.

2. Upsell – When someone is at your order page, tell them about a few extra related products you have. They could just add it to their original order.

3. Offer a referral bonus – If someone refers X readers or clients that result in X purchases they’ll receive a product or service of their choice worth $XX.00.

4. Sponsor an affiliate program. Yes, this works for writers and authors too!

5. Sell the reprint/reproduction rights to your writing. Have you written a series of articles that could be bundled into a product?

6. You could cross promote your product – remember, books are considered a product – with other writers’ products in a package deal. Distribute a flyer (think delegate, outsource, fiverr.com) for other products you sell and have other businesses selling for you.

7. When you ship out, deliver or administer your product or service, include a coupon for other related products you sell.

8. Send your customers, readers or clients a catalog of add-on products for the original product they purchased. This could be upgrades, special services, sequels or prequels, etc. If they enjoy your writing or service they will buy the extras.

9. Sell gift certificates for your books or services. You’ll make sales from the purchase of the gift certificate and the recipient could also buy other items from your web site.

10. Send your customers free products with their purchase. The freebies should have your ad printed on them. It could be bumper stickers, ball caps, t-shirts, bookmarks, postcards, etc. This will allow other people to see your ad and order.

The great thing about these powerful strategies is that you can implement them immediately…maybe even today!

They are easy to start using but the outcome could be a substantial increase in your sales which is the ultimate goal. It is extremely important to make your customer and/or prospect feel special and to provide them with additional value-added items that will keep them coming back.

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