20 Workshops ~ Check Out This Speaker Line-up at the Digital Publishing Virtual Summit!

This year there are 20 digital publishing

workshops in an online conference setting.

You’ll have a chance to interact with conference
attendees, participate in interactive workshops
with world renowned Book Marketing and
Digital Publishing experts, and explore the
latest tools and technology in the Digital Publishing World.

View the video and get the details at:


Check out the amazing speaker line-up for this year’s Digital Publishing Virtual Summit
* Lynnette Phillips: “It’s an Amazing Time to Be an Author”
* Roger C. Parker: “Creating a Map to Your Personal Branding Success”
* Sandra Beckwith: “No Need to Pack for a Virtual Book Tour”
* Marnie Pehrson: “The Anatomy of an Amazon Bestseller Launch for Print and Kindle Books”
* Craig Cannings: “Accomplish More in Less Time by Teaming Up with a Virtual Assistant”
* Jim Edwards: “5 Ways to Have Your eBook Done By Next Friday”
* Joel Friedlander: “3 Keys to Book Design Success”
* Aggie Villanueva: “Why a “Category” Bestseller at Amazon is So Important & How to Get One (or more)”
* Val Waldeck: “Book Creation Strategies: Extending Your Reach”
* Kristen Eckstein: “How to Go from eBook to Printed Book”
* Michelle Schoen: “Easy Digital Publishing with PowerPoint”
* Felicia Slattery: “Produce Talking Head Videos and Drive Traffic Right to Your Book Site”
* Erin Ferree: “How I Went Viral with My eBook And You Can Too!”
* Dr. Jeanette Cates: “Build Your Credibility with An Online Course”
* Jackie Lapin: “Internet Radio—Your Launching Pad for Digital Products”
* David Hancock: “A Blueprint for Success Without Stress, Now and In The Future”
* Ali Luke: “Marketing Your Digital Book or Products with a Powerful Sales Page”
* Ellen Violette: “Kindle vs. Self-Publishing, How Should I Publish My eBook”
* Terry Whalin: “Become a Prolific Writer and Write Less: Repurpose Your Message and Sell More Books”
* Leesa Barnes: “Multiple Streams of Virtual Event Income”

Get the details at:


Look forward to seeing you there!

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