Who’s Online 24/7? Why Not Recycle Your Posts?

Searching for more great content Every Day? Recycle your posts to Twitter, Facebook and others. Use Timely.is or HootSuite to vary the times they appear and VOILÁ – prescheduled and ready to go.

(photo credit: Matt Hamm
via photopin.com)

And that’s not all you should be recycling…

Why not reuse your best blog posts? Find which ones got the most ‘hits’ [maybe these were word-or-mouth promotions] and preschedule return appearances!

photo credit: DBarefoot via photo pin cc

There’s two easy ways to check a post’s popularity.

I use two different blog platforms – Blogger and WordPress – and on either platform you can…

1) show a gadget (Blogger) or widget (WordPress) that lists the most popular posts in the order of their position;
2) check your blog stats to find out which posts are showing the most ‘hits’ by visitors.

Either way it’s easy to find out the post’s popularity position for a specified time period.

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