Be Seen, Be Reviewed, Be Read – Promote Your Book Cover! #Video #BookCover

Build Your Platform, Gain Visibility for Your Book

How's This for Eye-Catching?

How’s This for Eye Catching?

Many authors, especially self-pub authors, are on a very tight budget. Deciding where to spend your marketing and promotion budget is all important. One of the places you don’t want to skimp though is on your book’s cover.

Your book cover is one of the most important marketing tools you have. It’s the first impression of your book a reader, reviewer or bookseller comes across so it has to be eye catching.

That doesn’t have to mean costly though.

Unless you have special talents this isn’t a DIY project BUT there are budget-wise alternatives. Check out, they have a lot of style options to offer, or search the web using terms like cheap book cover design.

Remember also you’re going for competition level. There will be A LOT of other books trying to get attention too.

You usually want several options to choose from. You’ll even want to ask friends, readers and your blog followers their opinion. Don’t forget your social networks. What about turning it into a contest?

How many places will you want to use your book cover to impress?

  • Book Trailer
  • Sell Sheets
  • Media Kits
  • Press/Media Releases
  • Reviews
  • Library Shelves
  • Bookseller Shelves
  • Interviews
  • Use your imagination…

Animoto is one of the easiest [and fastest] ways you can share video with your readers and another important place to feature your book cover. Did you know that a book trailer is over 100% more likely to influence the people [like librarians, reviewers and bloggers] who influence readers on what books to buy?

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2 Responses to Be Seen, Be Reviewed, Be Read – Promote Your Book Cover! #Video #BookCover

  1. Patent agent says:

    That eye catching book is certainly eye-catching — maybe because it has eyes on it!!

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