Social media tips for authors – Twitter

Get the most out of your Twitter experience – use it for both social interaction and marketing your work. If you have established relationships those new contacts will more likely to take a peek at your work.
Prescheduling your posts can add to your experience also by reaching Tweeps and markets in other time zones who would likely miss out on what you have to say.

Callisto Green

Social Media cup of tea!Twitter is a fantastic tool for connecting to your readers, building a fan-base and spreading the word about you and your books. It’s also a great place for keeping up-to-date with the latest publishing and book news. Yet some authors find it has little effect on sales or publicity. Why is this? I think there’s a simple answer that people seem to frequently miss. Twitter is a place for genuine social interaction, not a place for direct marketing.

Yes, you can do a bit of this too (I’ve done it recently for my new book, in fact), but if presenting your latest book is the only thing you do on Twitter, your efforts will very likely be ignored. So what should you do? My advice would be to simply be yourself. Your followers want to find out about you, gain an insight into what makes you tick and see…

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