7 Sites to Find Free Images

by Lynnette Phillips

creative_commonsI’ve been looking for copyright free images to share in my articles and on my blogs for years. Adding a picture to an article, blog post or just about anywhere attracts the eye of the reader and in many cases means the difference between getting read or passed over. Look for images licensed by the Creative Commons agreement, are in the public domain or simply ask for a photo credit.

  • Public Domain – Copyright has expired or lapsed (or perhaps forfeited by the photographer) and is now copyright free meaning it belongs to the public now.
  • Creative Commons – There are several types of CC licenses. The licenses differ by several combinations that condition the terms of distribution. They were initially released on December 16, 2002 by Creative Commons, a U.S.non-profit corporation founded in 2001.
  • You own the rights if you took the picture yourself with your own camera.
  • Rights are country-based and vary, a work may be subject to rights in one country and not in another.

I’ve put together a list of sites I’ve used over the years that I thought I’d share with you. One thing all of these sites have in common is that you can use these images free of charge. Before you download an image though be certain of the licensing information disclaimer.

Free Digital Photos


Stock Exchange 

Wikimedia Commons

 U.S. Government Photos and Images.

Every Stock Photo gives you access to images from places like NASA and the Library of Congress but be careful; there are a variety of license options.

Find Icons Technically this is search engine but it has come in handy…what if you are looking for something you can use as a more interesting button for someone to click on to reach a certain location?

Caution: Just because it says the image is free that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is not a condition for its use. Be sure to read any disclaimers (sorry this bears repeating). It may only require a credit to the photographer for use, may not be used in certain situations or be completely copyright free.



You have my permission to reprint this content if the credit and link information below is included.

Lynnette Phillips is an Award Winning Blogger, Freelance Writer and Book Marketer. You can connect with her at All Things Books, Book World Marketing or at Phillips Writing Services

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