I May Not Know Much About Marketing But I Know Someone Who Does 2

Writing your book is just the beginning — Promote, Market and Promote. Do a little something Every Day so it gets to be a habit and don’t forget…if you’re not having fun (or at least not feeling frustrated and annoyed) its time to switch gears. 

lambert nagle

A big welcome to guest blogger, Kathryn Dionne, this week. Kathryn is author of The Eleventh Hour Trilogy.ImageImageImage

Marketing Your Book

The 90/10 Rule. . .

By Kathryn Dionne

In days past, writers wrote.  When they had a finished product, they searched out agents and publishing houses that would take their “baby” off their hands, nurture it to its full potential, and give it legs long enough to cover the globe.  If the writer was fortunate enough to find such a person who believed in their talent, shared their enthusiasm,  and was willing to promote them, then the writer became free to focus solely on doing what she does best; write!

Oh, how times have changed!

A new breed of writer has emerged on to the scene, creating a worldwide industry; The Indie writer.  These independent authors who have chosen to forego the daunting task…

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