Xmind Review – Have you tried mindmapping to help unblock the flow of content ideas?

When it comes to the flow of ideas to get articles pulled together sometimes we need help.

Jacqueline Winspear’s character, Masie Dobbs, uses wallpaper to bring all of her case thoughts to a logical conclusion. Then she can present her written reports in a  coherent manner. Others prefer a simple pen and paper, some need a team like atmosphere. Then there are the obsessive list makers among us. But for the most part people get their thoughts together via doodles, colored pens and markers or maybe even sketches.

When someone I consider to be a content writing wizard raved about a mindmapping program, I had to see it for myself. What did I find? This program can incorporate all of the aforementioned techniques and more.

When I first approached Xmind I was thinking about how to help writer’s block but there can be so many more applications like to-do lists, travel itineraries, holiday planners, marketing details, whatever you have to think out and plan.

At Xmind.net you can download the surprising free version and give it a true trial run before deciding whether you need the paid version.

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The free version allows…

  • Local Network Sharing so you can tag team within the office
  • The use of 22 templates to create the mindmap format that works best for the way you work
  • A multitude of markers, symbols and emoticons to aid in understanding and clarification
  • You to share your ideas on the web
  • Creation of an outline of your thoughts, summaries and puts borders around a group of thoughts
  • You to add notes, images, attach files and insert hyperlinks to your thoughts

I searched You Tube and found a video tutorial to get me started quickly but this program is so simple to use you may not need a tutorial.

If you think you need even more bells and whistles after you try the free version you can always buy the Plus or Pro version at http://www.xmind.net but I’d definitely advise anyone to try the free download first – you may discover that it has everything you need.

Mindmapping with Xmind might just end writer’s block forever! 

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