Where to go for marketing your book

Thanks for sharing this list, Mike. True, the 80/20 rule of being a successful author can be pretty overwhelming but making a plan and trying not to look at the whole picture at once helps. Keep in mind too that there’s some fun to be had while promoting your book…if you’re not enjoying yourself, take a break, rethink your plan and look around for the nearest puppy and toddler.




If you’re like a lot of writers you’re likely frustrated at trying to get your work out there before readers, and ultimately, sold to the masses.

Where do you go for the best push for your book or books? Facebook? Twitter? Maybe you’ve considered hiring a publicity person to market your work for you? I have no definitive answers, but I’ve done my share of reading and perusing the latest books on marketing.
What’s the best book out there? Hard to say. I will say a few in the bunch are a little more entertaining than others. Pamela Fagan Hutchins’s What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes, for example, was one of the more delightful reads. She’s funny and brassy at the same time – a real down-home Texan gal.

The different books I list cover a realm of topics, from finding the right keywords on Amazon for your…

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