Top 12 Places to Market in 2014 By Jinger Jarrett

Join with me in welcoming Jinger Jarrett as she shares her knowledge and experience as a writer, Internet marketer and author. Thanks for sharing your insights with my readers, Jinger.

Regardless of whether you own an online or offline business, you will benefit from marketing online. The reason is that it makes it much easier to find your potential customers and connect with them. Although you may choose to use paid forms of advertising, like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, it is really not necessary because there are many free ways to market your business, and there are many top sites that get tons of traffic and give your business authority.

1. Google – This is the top website and top search engine in the world. It gets 80 percent of the search engine traffic, and so if you have a website, you want to get indexed here. Google offers businesses far more though with a social network Google+, mobile pages, Google Local Business, and other tools to help you market online for free. In fact, it is the most comprehensive package of free tools available for businesses that want to use the internet to attract customers.

2. Facebook – It is the largest social network on the internet with over one billion people and is a $1 billion corporation. Many opportunities exist to market on this site for free including timeline, groups, pages and even ads if you want to pay to market. The most important things to do here are to make sure that you complete you personal profile so you are found and create a page that separates your business from your personal information. Targeting the right market is crucial to your success because Facebook is so large.

3. YouTube – Video marketing is one of the hottest trends for marketing online. YouTube is actually a search engine in its own right. It is also a Google property, which means Google will give you a lot more attention. With this site you want to make sure your profile is as complete as possible including links to your social profiles and websites. Target keywords based on the YouTube algorithm and not Google searches.

4. Yahoo – Yahoo was once the number one search engine in the world. Although it doesn’t have the power for search as it once did (it gets results from Bing now), there are still many opportunities to market here. Yahoo Voices allows you to submit articles, news and video. Groups are available, and they are much easier to use because they work more like an email list. Answers allows you to submit answers to questions posted by users and include links. What’s important here is to make sure the information you include is relevant to the question so your answer isn’t perceived as spam.

5. Amazon – Regardless of whether you are a book author or not, you can still sell products here. If you are a book author it is even better because Amazon gives you so many ways to market. These include creating a profile to sell your books as well as offer information about your writing and even add your blog and Twitter account. You may also write reviews and guides and create lists to recommend. Amazon makes money when you do, so they also help with the book promotion.

6. Live – Live is Microsoft’s version of social networking. You get tools like email and you may create a profile to market yourself. Results for this site are driven by Bing, another Microsoft property.

7. Twitter – Although you may not think you can say a whole lot in 140 characters, you really can. It takes a lot of practice to write a good message. The key here is to mix it up. Follow those who are interested in your topic as many will follow you. Build a solid profile with a link to your website. Answer your messages.

8. LinkedIn – A business social site, this is the largest business social site on the internet. It allows you to connect with business people worldwide. It has some of the same functions as a social site like Facebook, including groups, business pages and updates. Besides building a full profile, include why you are on the site and get involved. It is the best way to make connections to achieve your business goals.

9. Blogspot/Blogger – Although WordPress self hosted is the top blogging platform on the internet, the top free blog platform is Blogger. It is also a Google property and allows sharing of your posts with Google+. If you’re just starting out and don’t have any money, this is a great place to start because Google allows you to monetize your blogs, and you may create as many blogs as you want.

10. Pinterest – Pinterest is the top sharing site. 80 percent of those who use this site are women, and so if you are looking to market to women, then you definitely want to have a presence here. Popular topics include home decor, cooking and crafts although you will see just about any topic imaginable.

11. Instagram – Instagram is the top photo sharing site. To access this site you must install an app on your cell phone and then set up your account. For a marketer, its value is in creating what are called memes. These are photos that have your website address on the photo. You may also create a profile and include your link to your business website.

12. Craigslist – Craigslist is one of the oldest sites on the list. It is a free worldwide classified ads site where you may post your ads. You are also allowed to post your press releases and events in the communities and events sections.

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