Attract a New Reader Audience – How-to Set Up A Rafflecopter Contest

The FREE options available on Rafflecopter make setting up a FREE giveaway contest simple and quick. Of course there are paid options you can choose from but you get a great value with Rafflecopter either way.

Rafflecopter is a fantastic way to promote your latest project, enhance your visibility, increase web traffic and grow your reader following.

Remember you’ll want to share this contest with as many viewers as possible. Ask for retweets, shares and sponsors.

If you’re promoting your latest book you might want to consider the advice of best-selling author Joanna Penn and only use the first novel in a series as a giveaway. Say you’ve written a trilogy, only whet readers’ appetites by using book one for the contest prize.

Follow these simple steps to create your contest/giveaway:

  • Create a new Rafflecopter account or sign‑in to your existing account. This is a simple (and quick) task; just enter your email and select a password.
  • Type in the prize – The book you’re promoting, an Amazon gift card or whatever you choose. Select entry options – Rafflecopter gives you suggestions you can select from and can include: Tweeting a post about the contest (taking it viral), liking a page on Facebook (does your book have a fan page-increase traffic) or by inventing your own option; maybe ask that they agree to write an Amazon or Smashwords review.
  • Choose the beginning and end dates for the giveaway.
  • Type in any terms or conditions pertinent to your contest.
  • Click the green “Get The Widget” button.

That’s it you’re done – See quick and easy.

Choose between getting the embed code so you advertise the contest on your site, share the code with a blogger(s) that has agreed to sponsor the contest on their site—the more sites showing viewers your contest the better—or place the Rafflecopter app on a Facebook page.

Rafflecopter even helps when it comes to the winner – how cool is that?

Now get out there and promote your giveaway!

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