Introducing the Teleseminar Boot Camp for Authors

 Created by my colleague, book marketing expert, D’vorah Lansky the teleseminar is filled with valuable tips and info to get you up and on your way to best-seller status!

Share Your Message, Reach More Readers, and Sell More Books

Providing people with the opportunity to hear your voice, gives you credibility and
provides opportunities for your audience to bond with you!



Teleseminars offer a simple and effective way for you to reach your audience, grow your credibility, create repurposed products, and sell more books! Teleseminars are easy to conduct and record and are easily accessible to your audience. If you would like to share your message with the masses while creating multiple streams of income, you will want to participate in this course.

Introducing the Teleseminar Boot Camp for Authors

Share Your Message, Reach More Readers, and Sell More Books!

I am extremely excited about this program. It is designed for someone like you, a busy author, working on a budget, who has a message to get out to the world. I want to show you a simple step-by-step system for creating and conducting teleseminars as a way of growing your credibility, your brand, and your book sales. You’ll receive a blueprint that will walk you through the process. You’ll even receive tracking sheets that you can use with your own teleseminars.



I have carefully chosen the information I will share with you as I want to make sure you can implement each thing I teach, so that you will be able to see the results before the program has even finished.

 This program will provide you with stellar, time-tested systems for reaching more readers and selling more books. You’ll also have opportunities to network with other authors and get your specific questions answered.

In this program we will focus on powerful yet simple strategies. Learn how to:

  • Increase your credibility and be seen as an expert in your field!
  • Sell more books to people who will benefit from your message!
  • Utilize multimedia to share your message in a variety of formats!
  • Set yourself apart from other authors by using teleseminars as your online speaking platform!
  • And much more!

Teleseminar Boot Camp for Authors

A Collection of Special Interviews: Discover Fabulous, Unique Ways to Harness the Power of Teleseminars! 

A Guide to Creating PowerPoint Presentations to Add a Video Component to Your Teleseminars


Bonus Workshop on Magnifying
Your Message with Power


Access to Our Private Member’s Forum
for Ongoing Support


Teleseminar Boot Camp for Authors


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