Do Something for Your Book Every Day (Even If It’s Small)

The plan for marketing your book is up to you. Be sure to include a few enjoyable events in the marketing so you won’t be tempted to give up on your success.

Marketing and Book Publicity

The Wonderful World of Books

If you’re a writer who wants to publish, then you must think long and hard about marketing. Some writers love selling books, while others (most of us) would prefer having a root canal or swiming the English Channel, which Selling 1seems only a little more daunting than marketing a book in today’s economy.  Here’s the sad truth: Most publishers will not help market your book.  Even if they award you a $20,000 advance, that does not mean they’ll help you sell books.  I know this from experience as a literary agent. Ninety percent of the books I sold received almost no marketing support from publishers—and that includes the big New York firms with massive budgets.

Why? Various reasons, but here’s a big one: In large firms, the marketing and editorial departments are separate. Because an editorial committee offered a huge advance to the author doesn’t mean the marketing department will decide…

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