Just 5 Of The Ways You Can Take advantage of Your Amazon Author Page

Amazon offers several free tools to an author; make use of them by visiting photopin.com your author central site and sign in to your page. Here you can:

  • Set up an RSS feed so that any blog entries you make from your personal blog site will also be seen on your author page. Time spent on one blog entry can be used in several places!
  • You can also link to Twitter here so that any tweets you post will also show on your author’s page
  • Add any videos or pictures that show your writing to advantage. People love to see visual images. As a professional photographer said to me recently, the right image can draw a person in. That can be attention drawn to your book or site
  • Add to the events calendar; the release of new titles, appearances, author readings, so on
  • Keep your biography updated. Whatever else you include be sure to talk about your work and related activities.

Excerpted from ‘Book Marketing on Auto-Pilot’ by Lynnette Phillips

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