Get FREE Checklists, Worksheets and Guidelines for Planning a Book Launch Like the Professionals


* Know what questions you MUST ask your publisher, publicist and editor to ensure you’re getting everything you need, and everything your book deserves.

* Follow detailed worksheets to stay on track with your publishing timeline, business development, plan your pre-launch, and schedule your online and offline promotions.

* Keep on track with budget worksheets, advanced review copy trackers, and other brainstorming exercises to uncover additional opportunities for reviews and exposure!

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Get Your FREE Amazon Optimization Checklist!

Our easy-to-use infographic checklist tells you exactly what you need to be doing on Amazon RIGHT NOW to maximize visibility, searchability and sales!Just a few of the great tips:

– Book launch action items and things you need to do for your release.
– How to manage your search terms to ensure your potential buyers find you.
– The “Power of Free” and how to get the buzz going.
– How to communicate with reviewers and maximize on your positive reviews.
– Things you can do regularly to keep up the momentum!

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Reprinted from “The Book Marketing Expert newsletter,” a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.

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