Word-of-Mouth is a Strong Marketing Tool!

Editing and Proofreading are Critical to Word-of-Mouth

Have you ever been forced to just close a book and stop reading because the errors were just too distracting? And then told everyone you talked to about this awful error-filled book? How many of those friends you told about that book told someone else they heard that book wasn’t worth reading?

That book just got a bad review — probably more than one!

Written or verbal reviews are important to the life (read sales) of any book; a vital marketing tool! So take care of what you share with readers. Don’t write passed when you mean past or crumble when you mean crumple. Definitely never use suppsoebly. Be careful about you’re vs your and there vs their.

This video has a few suggestions to cut the costs when it comes to proofreading and editing but remember what Emily Hill says, “…open your piggy bank.”

Editing and proofreading aren’t where you should be pinching pennies.

Show you care about your readers!

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