If Ollie Can Boost Book Sales So Can You!

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. You’re already a writer and probably a blogger. Brainstorm a few ideas or write down 5-7 questions you think readers might ask and answer them. Voila,  you’ve got a guest blog post to share!

Here’s a few more quick ideas to get the buzz going:

  1. Select a Goodreads or Facebook group and write a post offering a copy of your book in exchange for an honest review;
  2. Book yourself to speak at a local book club and use your Smartphone to record yourself reading an excerpt of your book;
  3. Send a message out to your email list, friends, and family
  4. Contact a few fellow authors (or a few book bloggers) to ask about posting a guest article on their site;
  5. Schedule a literary event within the community;
  6. Distribute personal service announcements (PSA) to local radio and TV stations and newspapers. You don’t have to spend time writing this. Just use the first paragraph of your press/media release as a PSA;
  7. Create a Rafflecopter contest or giveaway and promote it via social media with pre-scheduled posts. By pre-scheduling the posts via HootSuite or another service you can avoid having Twitter or Facebook gobble up your precious writing time and still get the word out;
  8. Create a business card or bookmark for your book (don’t forget all of the vital sale info); it’ll be ready to circulate at events, to librarians or anywhere your readers might gather*;
  9. Update your Amazon and Goodreads author pages;
  10. Send thank-you notes to people who have been helpful to you.

Bonus Tip: Augment your Amazon Author Central Page – link to your blog, Twitter feed or add a video

*Bonus Thought: Delegate, manage, and hire out the everyday tasks like circulation of author swag, maintaining your marketing calendar, and keeping your social media networking responsibilities up-to-date.

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