Q: Why Do We Need A Strong Social Media Presence?

Hurry_Time_iStockI am always taken aback when I hear this question. But then I think of how many people have commented on the time social media takes from their day, so I briefly answered with a few of the benefits social media can offer and listed “5 Tips For A  Time-Saving Social Media Strategy”

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A: Times have changed. Today our community is much larger and if you’re going to build your author platform or sell books you have to create a global image for yourself and your book. Doing it through social media is economical, efficient and wide-reaching. Through social media networking you can increase your reader sales and fanbase, attract visitors to your site and find the attention for your work you’re looking for.

Consider these ideas for saving some time creating your targeted audience on social media:

1.   Prioritize Your Day – Who says you have to check-in with your tweeps first thing?

2.   Time Yourself – Decide how much time you’re going to spend on social media and stick to it. Is 15, 20 or 30 minutes all you’re going to allow yourself? Good, you’ve got a busy day ahead of you.

3.   Use RSS Feeds – Deliver fresh content to Twitter, Facebook and more by sharing your blog posts automatically every time you publish. Set this up quickly and easily using Dlvr.it  

4. Preschedule Tweets and Posts – Your name, book and message can appear online automatically sporadically throughout the day when you set up instant posts via Timely.is orHootSuite. This way your identity is kept before your audience, seen by a wider group of people and you don’t have to continually take the time out of your day to initiate the activity.

5.   Comment and Sign It – There are other social platforms besides Twitter and Facebook. Set aside a block of time a day or two each week to visit other blogs, discussion boards and groups. Comment on a post and remember to leave your signature complete with your name, book title and web or blog site address. 

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