Thanks for taking an interest in Lynnette Phillips’ Book World. This, BTW, is Lynnette. You came here to find out a little about me so here goes.


I am now referred to (fondly I hope) as a book pusher but originally started out in the literary industry as a humble book blogger and have blossomed from there. I offer tips, advice and coaching as a book marketer, have become an Indie author and delve into author needs and questions pertaining to digital publishing as well.

I was recently interviewed by Lori Randall of Literally Social in an interview titled “Indie Book Publicist Lynnette Phillips shares her best tips” http://literallysocial.net/2012/03/06/indie-book-publicist-lynnette-phillips-shares-her-best-tips/ and am also one of the scheduled speakers for Dvorah Lansky’s Digital Publishing Summit later this year. I also consult with a small publishing house doing, among other tasks, content review, marketing and book trailers.

My book marketing guides are available on Amazon and include “Where To Start When You Turn Off Your Computer: Offline Book Marketing Ideas to Build On”  and my humble book blog has recently garnered an award for “The Top 50 Most Fascinating Blogs of 2012”.

My author services in marketing, e-book formatting and book trailers as a coach, coordinator or as a full service provider are also available and can even provide you with referrals for book cover design.

If I can help you with any questions, information requests or service referrals please use the form below to contact me.


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