Creating an Author Collective – Sell More Books, Have More Fun

Whether you call it a collective a co-op or a group of authors in search a solution, this idea could help you reach your goal of more sales. Here one author shares her experiences and tips sharing the burden and doubts involved in book marketing. Thanks Monica!

Monica Shaughnessy

1250890_89972683 Join The Herd

At the beginning of the year, I emailed a group of writing friends who’d all – at one time or another – turned to either micro press or indie publishing and asked them if they wanted to join me in a collective. I told them that I didn’t need another critique group (I’m already in two), but that what I really needed was marketing support and camaraderie. Soon after, Space City Scribes was born.

Since then, our little group has gained momentum, adding to my career in so many ways. Beyond the great marketing advice I receive every month from these ladies, I also get the support I need to continue my climb up Mount Independent. Tough reviews? Unsuccessful promo? Apathetic book bloggers? I have a group of sympathetic listeners at my disposal who’ll lend me an ear or give me advice. They’re also here to cheer…

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