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Build the Online Marketing Strategy For Your Book

You’ve put a lot of thought and work into creating your book. You probably made a plan before you started. Now it’s finished and you still better have a plan if you want to see it sell. Joseph C. Kunz, Jr. is … Continue reading

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Excerpt From Lynnette Phillips Answers Two of the Most Asked Marketing Questions

Via the Book Marketing Challenge  “Start promoting your book prior to publication and keep it up. You don’t have to wait until the book is published. Do it now! First step, flood the market with announcements of the publication date. … Continue reading

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Optimizing Amazon Book Sales

If you have a book for sale on Amazon, you might be missing out on sales simply from lack of visibility. Did you know that you can increase your exposure just by updating a few things from your Amazon Central … Continue reading

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Book stores are not always the best source for selling your book: Guest Post by Terrance Tam

Book Marketing Tips By Terence Tam You have written your book and it has been published. Next step is to properly market your book and get it into the hands of your customers. Proper marketing is the key to success. … Continue reading

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What Book marketing Technique Are You Trying For The first Time?

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Book #Review: #Marketing Your Book to #Libraries: An Insider’s Guide for #Authors by Nancy K. Humphreys

Did you know that in the U.S. alone there are over 120,000 libraries. Imagine if each one bought only one copy of your book! And with the digital age libraries are now lending eBooks and audiobooks besides their print counterparts. Nancy … Continue reading

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Book Marketing & Self Pub Coaching for Jungle Fighters

GoAnimate.com: Book Marketing & Self Pub Coaching for Jungle by laphillips52http://goanimate.com/player/swf/0fhMDMUToFRY?autostart=0Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It’s free and fun!

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Building Local Recognition for Your Book | Selling Books

Building Local Recognition for Your Book | Selling Books.

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Making Money on eBooks: Smart Promoting

UPDATED! EXPANDED! OCTOBER UPDATE! 26-page Article. Do you want to earn money as a writer? If you are considering writing as a money-making proposition you will want a peek at what lies beyond publishing your writing into an eBook. Be … Continue reading

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Start With A Plan ~ An Excerpt From Boost Book Sales Through Marketing and Promotion

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, self-publish or sign with a traditional publishing house, decide to use traditional or web-based marketing techniques (or blend them) you’ll need a marketing plan. Any successful marketing campaign has to start with a plan … Continue reading

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